Mister Globe competition

Mister Globel 2023
The Mister Globe festival is an annual global male splendor festival that celebrates diversity, tradition, and intelligence. The competition is open to guys from all over the world, who compete for the identify of Mister Globel. The festival is held in a distinct us of a each year, and the winner is crowned as the maximum handsome, smart, and properly-rounded guy in the global.

The Mister Globe 2023 competition held in ?

Mister Global 2023 was tha 9th addition of Mr global pageant was held in Maha Sarakham , thailand on 26 November 2023.

The contestants from over 36 countries competed in a chain of activities, such as a skills opposition, a suit opposition, and an night robe competition. The contestants were additionally judged on their intelligence, persona, and social media presence.
The Winner

Jason Dylan Bretfelean from India, winner of Mister Globel 2023

The winner of Mister Globel 2023 become Jason Bretfelean from India. Jason Bretfelean is a 19 year old model and actor.He is also a social activist and works to sell peace and tolerance.

About Jason Bretfelean : –

Name – Jason Bretfelean

Height – 6:2 feet”

Colour – fair

Occupation – model, entrepreneur and business administration student.

He was born in Karnataka but educated in Telangana. He is also passionate about music and received his Grade 7 Drummer Certificate from the Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Other Highlights;
In addition to the crowning of the winner, there had been several other highlights of the Mister Globel 2023 competition. The contestants participated in a number of cultural activities, which include a traditional Martiniquan dance performance. The contestants additionally visited some of the maximum popular visitor locations in Maha Sarakham , thailand, which include the beaches .

The Impact of Mister Globel 
The Mister Globel festival is greater than just a splendor contest. It is a platform for men from everywhere in the international to come together and rejoice their range and culture. The pageant also raises recognition of crucial social problems, such as peace and tolerance.

The Future of Mister Globel 
The Mister Globel competition is a developing and famous occasion. The organizers of the competition are making plans to extend the competition in the coming years, and they wish to attract even extra contestants from round the world.
Here are some extra information about the Mister Globel 2023 competition:
The subject matter of the pageant changed into “Celebrating Diversity.”
The contestants were judged by a panel of professionals from the fields of fashion, modeling, and appearing.
The competition changed into broadcast live to over a hundred countries around the world.

The Mister Globel 2023 pageant turned into a first-rate fulfillment. It turned into a party of diversity, lifestyle, and intelligence. The winner, Jason Dylan Bretfelean, is a function version for guys around the arena. The pageant also raised recognition of critical social issues, inclusive of peace and tolerance.

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