How to monetize your video?

Steps to Follow to permit Monetization of Your Videos ,
You can not simply put up a video on YouTube and desire it earns you coins – this would no longer work even if you were lucky enough for the video to head viral. There are some steps you have to do earlier than YouTube allows you to monetize your films

Enable your account for monetization. This is ticking a monetization option in your YouTube account, and agreeing to the YouTube monetization settlement
Connect your channel to an AdSense account. Either create a new AdSense account or attach this YouTube channel to an existing account you have got.
Review video criteria and ad formats. YouTube will handiest permit you to monetize what they don’t forget “advertiser-friendly” videos. This manner you can not rate for films showing violence or nudity, and particularly, you settle that your videos aren’t breaking any copyright laws (you need to be particularly cautious while the use of heritage song). You also get to select which forms of ads you want, e.G. Display advertisements round your video, overlay videos, skippable video advertisements, or some of other sorts).
Set up the films to monetize. You want to go into each video you need to monetize and set the advert codecs you want to apply. You additionally get to select which forms of ads you need, e.G. Show commercials around your video, overlay motion pictures, skippable video ads, or some of other types).
Wait for YouTube to review your channel. After you have got done all this, YouTube will check that the entirety is in order. Once you have been regular for monetization by using YouTube, get busy making and selling movies.

Note that this technique can take some weeks, so do now not anticipate to look any money rolling in without delay. If the whole lot goes easily, you must start seeing ads for your videos within some weeks.

Once you’ve got completed those steps, and been established for monetization by using YouTube, get busy making and selling movies. You will need to create a massive series of properly-promoted videos to start making any decent degree of profits.

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